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Friday, March 15, 2013

Very Inspirational Blogger Award

Lana Cordova, author of "Binders Full of Women"  and other 
erotic stories has nominated me for the The Very Inspirational 
Blogger Award!  I get to post this cool graphic:

To follow the rules (below) I have nominated fifteen other 
bloggers for this award!  There are so many fantastic 
bloggers and writers out there that it's hard to choose. 
The ones I selected below are either  bloggers or writers 
(or both) that I frequent quite regularly and from who I 
draw inspiration.  I encourage you to visit them if you 
enjoy erotica and sexual discussion.

The Rules:
Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award's 
requirements. That's all!

Seven Things about Me:
1.  I'm a successful business consultant with an 
independent practice.
2.  I am in my second marriage and, between us, my wife 
and I have 4 children.
3.  I have a 2 year old Lhasa Apso who competes for my 
writing time.
4.  I have traveled extensively, retiring my first passport 
with 99 stamps in it.
5.  I originally wrote about real experiences I had and I've 
had the good luck to have quite a few interesting sexual 
6.  I live in New England and while every year the winters 
seem longer, I cannot imagine living anywhere else on earth.
7.  And if you haven't guessed I have the most understanding 
wife in the world.

My Fifteen Blogger Nominations:
1. Erin O'Riordan
2. Anthony Beal
3. Patricia Green
4. Ellison James
5. Cara Thereon
6. Jamallah Bergman
7. Ketlyn Brooke Austen
9.  Tessie L'Amour
10. Taabia Dupree
11. Pauline Jacquelin
12. Brandie Buckwine 
13. CJ Roberts
14. Grinelda Markowitz
15. Laura B Cooper 

I highly recommend these authors/bloggers. If you enjoy high 
quality erotica, and who doesn't, check out these authors.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Of Bondage

A lot of people fee that bondage is a part of BDSM and that it involves pain and masochism.  It doesn’t have to be that way at all.  Bondage on its own can represent a fun way to enjoy a different sort of sexual experience.

Some people enjoy the feeling of being in restraints, of having someone else in complete control, and the feeling of helplessness.  But what I enjoy most about it is the relief that the one who is tied up from trying to please the other.  Certainly most of the time, I fully enjoy mutually participative sex but I also enjoy teasing and being teased.

When you have your partner tied up, their pleasure is at your mercy and you can touch them, tease them, work their bodies as you know they like.  But denial is a part of the excitement by delaying their complete satisfaction.  Extending the foreplay. Making a night of it.

Of course, the tied up partner is often more sensitive than normal in this situation, because they cannot respond or initiate any activity, all they are left with is to feel your caresses.  Blindfolding them reduces even further the senses they can use and increases the anticipation.  This can be a good time to get out the vibrators, oils, silk, and other bedside playthings. 

Bondage can be enjoyable from both sides (IMO).  Whether you are the one doing the teasing or enjoying the ministrations, I highly recommend you give it a try.  Trusting your partner is an important aspect of the enjoyment (unless you enjoy fear) and so it’s not a first date activity.

If you or your partner have a fear of being tied up (from some childhood trauma) this can be done but getting your partner to agree to pretend to be tied up and agree to not respond or initiate contact with you.  Usually you will have to remind them once or twice during the teasing.

So give it some thought.  Discuss it with your partner.  Give it a try.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Publishing Erotica et al

I've had a couple of people approach me with stories and thought I would offer some advise to anyone who has considered publishing.  Publishing can be relatively painless and profitable.  

If you have ever written erotica for fun and thought about publishing, here are a few things to keep in mind.  You can publish free stories in a number of places which are good for getting feedback. is perhaps the most established free site for erotic stories but Gather and Xanga which are blogging communities are also good.

It is useful to establish a pseudonym.  This would include a name and email address.  I would recommend choosing a name with some uniqueness since this makes it easier to find you for your fans.  When you think you have a name google it to see if anyone is using it and how.

A pseudonym allows you to fantasize freely and write freely without worrying about how your kids, and parents, and future employers or co-workers, etc. might react to any individual story.

If you decide to publish for profit, I would recommend as a good place to start. This is only for publishing ebooks but it is a relatively cheap way to get started.  There is no cost for joining, although you have to purchase an ISBN number for each story which when using Smashwords will cost you less than $5.  You might also choose to buy a picture for a cover and this could cost you a couple of dollars.  There are services such as,, and which offer thousands of cheap photos.  All in all you can publish a book for under $10.  Smashwords will kept about 20% of your sale price (which you get to choose).  Plus Smashwords will re-publish your story to Barnes and Noble, Sony, and other sites.

Smashwords does have some fairly strict formatting guidelines and they have a document with outlines their requirements.  It’s a bit tedious to get through the first time but once you understand it, it becomes much easier.

Lastly the best way to publish and get a return is to have multiple books including one or two that is offered free.  I made the mistake of publishing some of my shorter stories as free and the readers were disappointed at the length giving me poor review marks and discouraging paying customers.  If you offer a free book it should be one of your better ones and a good length. 

The longer the better, I think, in terms of story length.  5,000 words is a rough minimum and even for erotica the story should have some plot and character development – not just a sex scene.  Although stringing a series of sex scenes together with the same character seems to work well.

In summary if you are thinking of publishing, you might want to write a few stories, and publish them in rapid succession or even all at once.  This allows readers who enjoy one story to buy your others.  Lastly, ratings and reviews can make or break a story and they are hard to come by.  If you have fans from another site encourage them to write reviews for you.

Erotica books are generally priced at $2 to $3 for 5,000+ words and $4 to $5 for 10,000+ words, etc.

Much of this information is probably good for any initial publishing offering (Smashwords publishes all sorts of genres) but pricing and expectations may vary. If other authors would like to comment or give contrary opinions, please feel free to do so.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A review of Laricon's Ways by Patricia Green

I've recently read Laricon's Way by Patricia Green and highly recommend it. If you enjoyed 50 Shades, this book is 50 Shades meets Hunger Games. It is a complete novel set in the future. A feudal lord on a remote planet has established a society where women are taught to be submissive and raised that way from birth to serve men. Nina is kidnapped and brought into this society where she undergoes sub training. There she meets Michael, an undercover agent who has infiltrated the hierarchy of Laricon and secretly plans its overthrow. 

This book combines BDSM with a compelling plot. I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the girls who were raised to be submissive and Nina's difficulty in adjusting to slavehood. Michael is caught in the middle. While falling in love with Nina he has to keep her in line in order to maintain his cover. The tension and conflict between these characters is extremely well drawn out. If you enjoy well written books, intricate plots, strong character development with lots of hot sexual scenes then this book is for you. 

Click here to find it on Amazon/Kindle: 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

PayPal conducting Book Burnings

For those who are unaware, PayPal has apparently taken on the responsibility of deciding what is appropriate for American readers.  Currently they are going from publisher to publisher demanding that certain censorship guidelines be met or they will withdraw their credit card services from that publisher.  Already, has banned all erotica, banning a number of books they had previously published. AllRomanceBooks is trying to separate erotica from erotic romance and is no longer publishing books containing explicit sexual acts without, in their opinion, sufficient romantic content.  Without notice or explanation they are eliminating hundreds of books from their offerings.  Smashwords is currently negotiating with them but appears on the precipice of eliminating all books which don't meet their guidelines.

Their guidelines include books classified as erotica which include rape, incest, bestiality, underage (18) lovers, non-consensual BDSM, and my favorite pseudo-incest.  

Smashwords is being told by PayPal that unless they comply with their demands, they will withdraw their services.  They originally gave them 10 days to comply.  They claim this is because the credit cards companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.) are all in this with them and the reason behind it is economic.  That is, that porn web sites have a problem with bad debts.  While that may be true of porn sites the targeted sites are publishers of eBooks who collect the money prior to providing the eBook.  Further, the publishers have included in their terms that any return will be taken out of the author’s revenue.  So, the argument that erotic book publishers have a poor debt experience holds no water.

I can only believe that someone at PayPal has decided to “clean up” America on their own.  Perhaps it is some administrative flunkie who is out of control.  But I have to wonder if it comes from the top – from John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay, the parent company of PayPal.  Mr. Donahoe was an associate of Mitt Romney at Bain for many years and has contributed to many of his campaigns.  PayPal is a company noted for its lack of transparency in major decisions.  It would be nice if someone took responsibility for this decision and made it visible how such a decision could get made. 

I suppose to some these steps by PayPal may seem minor but censorship is a very slippery slope.  Does Twilight contain elements of bestiality, or non-consensual violence against women?   Certainly the best selling, Shades of Grey, does?  Lolita, a classic, would not pass the current censorship rules.  When companies begin deciding what you read, the consumer is left with no choice in the matter nor any voice.  As our economy moves more and more toward large monopolistic companies will our democracy be subjected to the values, morals and civil rights that some corporate officer allows us to have? 

A few other blogs about this are here:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Release

New release on Smashwords: The Director's Couch.  Haley J Moon was a good girl and suddenly had a chance to turn her modeling career into an acting career.  Marcus Manheim, a major motion picture star was looking for a new face to be his leading lady.  Haley miraculously made the early auditions but the last one would be a real test.  This final audition would be a private one with Marcus in his house.  This is the story of that audition.